Actual RVing


It never fails. You have nothing but sun until it’s picture time, and then it looks like ominous clouds of doom™ rolled in.

So this time we decided to head out to Dead Horse Ranch State Park. Partly because everything else was already filled up, partly because there is actually a lot to see. When people think on camping in Arizona, this is kinda what they think of. Dusty, dirty, and dry. One of the reasons for me starting this blog was to kinda let people know what’s out there. In this case, it’s something that is right in their back yard essentially.

Dead Horse Ranch State park is located a little ways north of Phoenix in Cottonwood. No, I mean IN Cottonwood. The beauty of that is it makes it easy for you to get any provisions you forgot. Or any last minute emergency items you suddenly realize you need. I think it’s a good place to start RVing, because it’s close enough to everything you might have forgot you need. Make a list of everything you forgot. Add those to the things you bring next time… Darn marshmallows….


This interior design is called RAWR!

Our first night was spent making the camp site all pretty and frilly. To be honest, there is something to be said about making a camp site your home. I mean what’s the point of bringing a home if you don’t make the site your home as well. Again, the little lady has the windows decked out in her best “Hearts and Love” theme. And similarly on the interior. It was Valentines day after all.

The second day we ate breakfast, and I managed to find something to fix. I stuck the electric motor to the landing gear to see how well it would fit. Finally something that did not require curse words to get it to fit. Oh the joys of parts that actually fit. No, this isn’t going to be a blog about making the landing gear actually work. It pretty well went in as it was supposed to.


The caboose is reserved for private parties up to 6 people.

Having heard that I was curse word free, the better half had me get all cleaned up and we headed out to the Clarkdale train depot. For those that have never been, I recommend it. Not only is it beautiful, there actually is some history there. And come on, it’s 4 hours on a train in the mountains.

We weren’t sure how much we would like it, and since my girlfriend does not like chocolate, we opted NOT to go for the First Class or Chocolate lovers trip. Instead we ended up in Tucson.


Tucson is coach.

While the seating inside isn’t exactly grandiose, it was adequate for what we needed it for. We spent the entire trip in the open car behind it. Wear comfortable shoes. You’ll be standing a lot. The outside area is simply a cargo flatbed with railing to keep people from falling off. Pretty smart idea too, as there is PLENTY of beer to drink. After boarding, we found ourselves a pair of seats that would never be seen again, and headed off to the open viewing car.


The open viewing car

After the safety briefing which amounted to “Don’t be a dumb-ass” the train waited for a couple of latecomers. And we pulled out of the station. We went through the slag pile, and around a few bends. And then we slowed down, and came to a stop.

REALLY! I made it that far without anything breaking, and the train which we had no control over ended up breaking down. Actually, not really broken down. They just had a safety issue that while one engine would work, the second engine wasn’t talking to the first engine properly. At least that’s what I gathered from my eves-dropping. So they sent out a couple of their freight engines to act as a back-up to the back-up.


The back-up to the back up. Freight diesels behind our journey.

After we got back going, it pretty well became stunning view after stunning view. Not that the views weren’t stunning before, but it just kept getting prettier and prettier, all the way to Perkinsville.

I could talk for hours on how pretty it was, but I’ll just drop a couple of pictures instead.

20140215_131504 20140215_141236 20140215_141256 20140215_141753 20140215_141852 20140215_141856 20140215_142025 20140215_143109 20140215_143321 20140215_143457 20140215_144328 20140215_144905

Of course that’s only a small taste of what we saw. But you can kind of gather that it is at least worth checking out.

Sunday was spent working on the RV. I decided that not enough had broken, so I needed to work on a few things. I moved the batteries from the battery compartment, and into the “Generator” compartment. Seeing as how we don’t use a generator, it seems like a better place for it. That way I can put the electrical components in the old battery compartment instead. I put the solar charge controller and the DC to AC inverter in there. When I get the new smart charger(for when we’re on AC power) I’ll put it in there as well. The reason for this move is simple. The battery box is only big enough for two batteries. I would prefer to have four batteries for extra longevity.

While I was doing that, my better half was off for a walk. She picked up a few pretty pictures from that.

20140216_125439 20140216_131026 20140216_131231 20140216_131235 20140216_131243

Monday we headed back to Phoenix. No trip would be complete without at least something falling apart. Backseat Betty decided she wanted to strip naked. She was bulging her siding at the front of the 5th wheel. I’m guessing it was because of the heavy cross winds. But before she could strip I buttoned her up and put her back together. Screw gun to the rescue.

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2 Responses to Actual RVing

  1. Ingrid says:

    We’ve thought about taking this train trip because we’d heard it was beautiful and worth it. Thanks for sharing the photos…. we will definitely put this excursion on our list.

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