It’s more fun with friends

Us and our friends in the smaller 5th wheel

Us and our friends in the smaller 5th wheel

The weekend is here, and we have made a decision to head out to Fool Hollow Lake. We’re bringing friends along this time. For the most part the ride out was uneventful, with the exception of our awning trying to take off in another direction. A little swearing under my breath, some whacks with a hammer, and we were back on the road.

Our friends have an extremely short bed truck. So short that the Superglide hitch they have isn’t enough to allow a full 90 degree turn. I still think there’s something not right about the way his 5th wheel is in his truck. He’s new to 5th wheels, and it shows. He needs help with a lot of the basics, and I’m more than happy to give him the benefit of my screw-ups.

Drop the legs down until they touch the ground before you mess with the hitch. Chock the wheels BEFORE you unhitch. Pull the release lever before you raise the trailer off the hitch. If it’s too tight, and it won’t release, put the trailer brake on full, and back up to the trailer. Raise the trailer until there’s just a bit of daylight in between the hitch head and the pin box… All of these things have messed me up at one point.

The spots we chose were pretty level left to right. It’s refreshing sometimes to not have to use leveling blocks. By the time we got all settled in, I was starving(maybe because I hadn’t eaten lunch… which was sitting in the kitchen before we left). So I made dinner, and grumpy Tommy went away.

Day two started out with a mild drizzle which later turned into torrential downpour, followed by more rain. It was starting to seem like this trip was going to be a bust. But it lightened up later in the afternoon enough for us to go for a short walk.

20140301_145237One of the disadvantages of coming to Fool Hollow Lake off-season is that many of the camp sites are closed. The only loop that is open is the Red Head loop. It’s full hook-ups including sewer, which is a plus, but it lacks the spectacular views the other ones have. Though I guess you can get those views with a bit of a walk.


This is from a prior trip out there. You can tell because everything is not waterlogged.

Off the Cinnamon Teal loop the views are of the cliff face, and the lake below. One advantage of the off season is very few people are around to bug you, and you can enjoy the serenity of the whole scene. I can’t express enough the beauty of the scenery. Even with the downpour which eventually cut our walk short. Cold, windy and rainy make for a less pleasant walk. We headed back to the RV to warm up and have a lunch of really bad jambalaya and we headed over to our friend’s trailer to blab and talk about how everything was going. 


Finished LED project. Set to green for the upcoming St Patrick’s Day.

I decided that not enough had broken and hopped in to hook up the LED lights we had planned for the kitchen. We went with the color changing LED’s because we like the idea of changing to suit how we felt. Plus it’s kinda fun to show off with flicking it on color cycle and turn the inside of the coach into a disco. The color changing LED’s are not as bright as the bright white ones if you are looking to replace your existing lighting. My suggestion for that is get the bright white LED’s for the standard lighting, but have these as accent lighting.

Later that evening our friends had their heater start making funny noises. To me it sounded like the fan motor bearing was shot. But that’s me. We tried getting it going, but sadly he was out of luck. Fortunately he listened to us and had electric floor heaters for a backup since this was the first time he was using it in the cold. It would have been a long night otherwise. He has an RV guy that he deals with, so I’m not on the hook to repair it. Unless of course his guy comes back with “replace the whole unit” in which case, I’ll help him find the part he needs. Pretty much any part in it can be replaced.

The rain continued through the night, and made for a nice sleep. My girlfriend got to play her classic Atari games, and I started writing the blog. We finished the night off with a couple movies, and realized the speakers on the TV are too quiet. Looks like a new project on the horizon.

The next day was the day we had to leave. Seems a shame to head out there for only two nights. But if we didn’t I’d have nothing to write about. On the plus side of the trip, the rain leak tested my work on the solar panels. It always feels good not to have any leaks after putting a bunch of holes in your roof. Guess I sealed it up right. After we loaded the RV with all of our stuff(again), we hooked up the truck, and I let my girlfriend raise the legs while I attended to the other bits. I hear the binding and a sharp ping, and know I have more work to do. It’s not a trip until I have to fix the landing gear.

The trip home crossed through areas that got snow all Saturday. I forget how pretty snow is to people who haven’t had to dig their cars out from under a pile of it. She got some really good shots on our ride home.

20140302_131451 20140302_131852 20140302_132027 20140302_132217 20140302_132317 20140302_133053 20140302_133100 20140302_133348

As for the repair… This time the grand total cost for the repair of the landing gear, including parts. $0.15. Good deal.




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