For the Animals

Chevy showing his disapproval for not being in the blog yet

Our dog Chevy showing his disapproval for not being in the blog yet

This week since we didn’t head anywhere, I’m dedicating to the animals in our lives. Strangely enough, I haven’t included the dogs that we bring with us when we go out. Which is kind of sad, as they are a big part of our lives. I have the paw prints on my back to prove it. We don’t have kids, so these guys are as close as we get. The two dogs we bring with us are our smallest Chevy, and our largest Storm. Our best behaved dog tends to stay home on the weeks we are out with whichever dog we don’t bring. It’s not that we don’t want her with us. Actually it’s the opposite. But the only dog who can be left with either dog is the middle dog Scarlet.

He's our primary camping dog. He does well on the road.

Chevy’s our primary camping dog. He does well on the road.

All three of our dogs have pit bull in them. They are the sweetest most lovable dogs you will ever meet. At least to people. Chevy has an aversion to other dogs that simply has no rhyme or reason. He has gotten used to being on the road. He makes himself at home, and for most of the way just relaxes in the back. Chevy has been on the most trips, simply because he can travel long distances without getting sick. It doesn’t bother him at all to be on the road for hours. He seems to love it.

For short trips, Storm loves to ride along.

For short trips, Storm loves to ride along.

Our big girl Storm loves to take short trips with us. Many times when we get back from a longer trip she runs out to the truck and hops in the back seat just so I can take her on a short little run. She loves all people that I have seen(with exception to a police officer who pulled us over for a DUI, even though I hadn’t drank alcohol for the better part of six months). And other dogs are usually not a problem for her. I think it’s only if the butt sniffing goes too far… Can’t say I blame her. Sniff my butt long enough, and I’ll look at you kinda weird too. Sniff long enough, and I might growl at you too. I think that’s why only some dogs bug her.

20140315_084721 SleeeeepyWhen we get to a camp site, Chevy likes to explore, then make himself at home. Storm… not so much. Chevy likes checking everything out. Storm just wants to curl up and sleep the first night. Chevy is a small little thing, and Storm… isn’t. Chevy is constantly confused as a puppy. He’s three years old, but still retains his puppy features.

Trying to sleep. Sometimes it's hard to get comfy

Trying to sleep. Sometimes it’s hard to get comfy

Then there’s poor Scarlet. She’s the one stuck at home, not because she’s bad, but because she’s so good. If it weren’t for her being the best around both dogs she might get to take more trips with us. We love her. And she gets left behind because she can handle it the best. She’s a rescue. We got her from the pound. That’s where I always suggest people get their dogs from now on. There are hundreds of dogs put to sleep every week. Go and save one of those before buying another one.

On that note, lets change gears a bit.

EggsIf you recall from before, there was a bird that made a nest next to our trailer. Every time I would come near she would fly off, and startle the crap outta me. And of course the reason she made the nest? She had two eggs. Well a week and a half later, and now we have a family of birdies.

Little baby birdies.

Little baby birdies.

It looks like both survived the egg escape. Now momma is a bit more protective. She won’t leave them nearly as often.

She lets us get a lot closer without flying off.

She lets us get a lot closer without flying off.

It seems our RV while parked serves as a great way to defend against the wind, and hide her from predators. At least that’s my hope. As you can see, she is a Desert Dove. I’m looking forward to seeing the little ones as they age. I hope they do well.


Sad update: The night after this posting, the baby birds were apparently taken.

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