Vacation part 4


The view from the camp site

Okay, THIS was the hottest day. After loading up the RV, and changing from Valley of Fire to Willow Beach, we hit a hotter day than the one before. It was boiling hot. The kind of hot that makes you wish you could just dunk your head in the nearest body of water. Along our way to the new spot we discovered we were missing something, but it was a little hard to tell at first what it was. It seems that one of the wheels didn’t want to go to the same campground as us.


What was that? Did a wheel just fall off the gorram trailer?

Well… at this point, we had two choices… We either let it get us down, Or don’t. The bearing must have seized up, and because the truck could literally have dragged the trailer with no wheels up the mountain, the only thing we felt was a slight bump. Seriously, it felt like a gust of wind, and with us crossing the Hoover dam bypass bridge(named for Pat Tillman), I just assumed that’s what it was. We didn’t realize it until we got to the recreational area.

We quickly headed out to the nearest Camping World, just before they closed. They didn’t have the parts, but they did point us in the right direction. They told us to check with Trailer Tech in Vegas. It was too late to call, so we figured we would call them the next day.


Cold water and a happy dog

I mentioned that it was hot, and you just wanted to jump in the nearest body of water. The only problem is that the nearest body of water is the Colorado River which is at about 50ºf. Soooo it’s either bake or freeze. That’s just not fair. But the dog loved the cold water, and as far as I was concerned watching him play was worth it.

Before we headed down to the water, we met Miller. While we were down there, Miller and Jaynie showed up. We chit chatted, and pretty much forgot about the missing wheel, and what we would have to do to to fix it, or the cash I would be out to fix it. For that brief time we were just having a great conversation with a couple other RVers. I really enjoyed hearing their tales, and swapping stories. I hope our paths cross again, but if they don’t, I won’t feel cheated, as we got to spend time with a great couple.

Our camp site that evening would probably have been better if it wasn’t scorchingly hot. At temps over 105, the AC in the RV just won’t keep up. So until the sun went down there was nothing we could do. It would have been pretty bad if we had simply stayed in the RV. Getting down to the river was about the only thing we could do until the sun went down.

Willow Beach day 1 pictures

The next morning, we scurried out to a place to get cell phone reception, and called Trailer Tech. Hearing the prices over the phone, I was somewhat relieved. Upon further inspection of the spindle that was left, the axle would need replacing as well. That’s no small thing, but it wasn’t unexpected. But the price over the phone for a 2000# axle and the wheel and hub assembly seemed pretty reasonable. We felt better about continuing our vacation undeterred.


This Ass would like to note that they are far more civilized than those Asses that inhabit DC.

Next stop, A town with a bunch of asses. The good kind, not the Washington DC kind. We took the drive out to Oatman, Arizona. This town is on the Route 66 tourist trap list, but still retains some of it’s charm. The town has a bunch of wild burros wandering around. When you show up, the first thing you will see is some one selling burro feed. The burros know this bag. They know how much is in that bag. They won’t let you get away with not giving them everything in the bag. My sweetheart found that one out. I giggled as she tossed the bag away from herself and watched the burro that was just about violating her head off in search of the contents. The first encounter involved a burro blocking both the walkway and the entrance to the shop. Feed burro, gain entry. Burro blocks door. Feed burro exit building.

These guys are literally EVERYWHERE.

20140528_155327 20140528_161517 20140528_161716 20140528_162136 20140528_155855-1 20140528_154826-1

Of course the whole town is geared to accommodate the burros and the tourism that brings. I was kind of sad that the touristy crap in the stores wasn’t really all that different from what you see at every other touristy crap store. I mean I’m not a huge shopper by any means, but it would have been kind of nice if the mini-sculptures were not the same stuff you can pick up at Cabellas. There were some pretty neat shops.


Old shop.

I keep mentioning us driving places away from our camp ground. Well we enjoy the drives, and honestly it would have been torture sitting in the RV with the AC not cooling it below 85ºf. This kept us out of the RV for a while. Pretty much all day.

20140528_150607-1 20140528_163633-1 20140528_163144-1 20140528_163141-120140528_164407 20140528_195637-1 20140528_195811-1


The long drive out, and back gave the RV enough time to reach “Ahhhhhh” status. I made dinner, we had adult beverages and smoothies.

Willow Beach day 2 pictures


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