In-town-ish RVing

20140621_083616To get it out of the way, I didn’t really enjoy our camp site. Not only did we have the noise from the airplanes coming in, but there was a near constant stream of cars that went by and made for less than restful nights. This camp ground is too close to the 87, and you could hear every car and motorcycle that passed. Add to that it was what we thought was a bit much for not having electric hookups, and you get me saying I probably won’t stay in this camp ground again.

Now that that is out of the way, I would stay at the lower “horse” camp ground. Those sites are lovely, quiet, and cheaper. I did like the camp hosts in the upper campground though. Tony and his wife were extremely friendly, and an absolute joy to gab with. So it’s likely we’ll head back around there when it gets a bit cooler. Though again, we’ll probably stay in the lower “horse” campground.

Over the course of the prior weeks we had to have the fresh water tank repaired. Well it was only a small part. And we found an awning to replace the old Carter we can’t find parts for anymore… So we got the shop to install that too. All told including the purchase of the awning, we were out $700. The better half knows how to search craigslist. We decided we needed to hit a campground that didn’t have electricity or water, to test it out. All told, it fared pretty well. The solar finally had a chance to really prove it would keep up with our demands on it, and the water tank kept us in water through the weekend with us even wasting more water than we should have(4 showers in 2 days). So from an equipment standpoint, everything was good. Sadly the time of year was our poor choice. It was pretty warm during the day. The interior reached 90’s in the afternoon… Still better than here in Phoenix where the interior would have hit “I-TOUCHED-SOMETHING-METAL-AND-NOW-I-HURT” by about noon, and at about four, chickens lay hard boiled eggs. Fortunately the nights cooled off to as low as the low 60’s.

I keep telling folks, the only way you get an RV that doesn’t break is have it parked and don’t ever use it. We like to use ours, so things break. naturally.

20140621_104850After our first night the next day we headed out to the local attraction. There is a state park very close to the campground called Tonto Natural Bridge State Park which has some very lovely scenery. We didn’t plan this trip well. Our arrival in the park to the mention of hiking shoes, and drinking water, and sunscreen, and so on, made us think we might not have been quite as prepared for the park as we should have been. But to heck with it, if we only did what we were prepared for, we wouldn’t have the RV haha.

We took the shorter path down to the entrance of the natural bridge. It’s called Anna Mae trail. I assumed named for Anna Mae. And to answer your next question: I don’t know. But the trail is quick but kind of steep. If you are wearing flip-flops or heels, it would probably be a pretty good challenge. I fortunately left the stilettos at home and just happened to be wearing my boots. Even if you don’t go down the trail, there is a viewing area that will let you see at least some of the beauty.

20140621_104910 20140621_105141 20140621_104856 20140621_104901


It’s kind of neat to see the inside of a cave outside in the sun. This is very much like the live cave we saw a while back, only in this case, it’s all outdoors. You see many of the same features even if you’re claustrophobic. I’m not. Heck I volunteered to go on a submarine for my military service. We wandered down the path to the bottom, and despite not having water or proper footwear, we made it rather handily. We came to a fork in the path, and I took a look around and said, “Babe, I’m pretty sure you don’t want to go that way. Follow me…”

20140621_110341 20140621_110910 20140621_110116


She said, “Why? I can make that.”

“I know you can, but trust me you’ll like this way better.”

She shot me a glance that seemed to insist I was nuts, as she climbed under the branches of a twisted tree. And then she saw what I was talking about.



That path looked slightly better. We scooted through there, and wandered into the cave/bridge part. It’s amazing to me how much it looks like a movie set. I mean nature shows us that she can place things as perfectly if not more so than any Hollywood set designer.

20140621_114221 20140621_114711 20140621_115123 20140621_113243 20140621_113306 20140621_113757 20140621_113813 20140621_113822



Dink! ow.

We wandered through the stones and rocks, and eventually got through to the other side. Well not without a bit of help. John and his boyfriend(?) had to help get my sweetheart over a very slick obstacle. The only way I was able to do it was because I essentially ran over it. They essentially stood there and let her use them as a jungle gym. No seriously. And they refused to touch her butt. Pretty sure they were gay. Not that I have a problem with that. I am all for people being with whomever they love. We should all be for that. Oh yeah, PICTURES!

20140621_115559 20140621_115636 20140621_115739 20140621_115419 20140621_115428 20140621_115443 20140621_115454 20140621_115908Whew. We went the wrong way through the Gowan trail. And it kinda wore us out. So what do we do? Another trail. This was the short trail. The Waterfall trail is like 400 feet long. and it ends like this:

20140621_125008Again, It seems like something from a movie. And yet, here it is in the middle of Arizona. I love challenging the notion that Arizona is just some burning desert with cacti.

As we were leaving, we were reminded that the trail that we were on wasn’t by any means safe. Sadly a woman had to be rescued after she fell and hit her head pretty bad.

20140621_132709 20140621_142951 20140621_143739 20140621_150333

We returned to the RV for the night, feeling for the woman and hoping she was all right.

The next day we decided to check out a local swimming hole. It’s not far from the camp site, and it has a look of a movie set as well. Just wow. If it weren’t for the cars passing overhead it would be pretty cool.

20140622_142704 20140622_133003 20140622_133223 20140622_133632


My dog hates things in the river.

20140622_144357 20140622_144358 20140622_144432 20140622_144400

Even things that belong in the river


After the river, we headed home. This trip just didn’t feel relaxing. Probably because of the noise everywhere, and the heat.


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