An Oasis in the Desert.


We heard about a resort from one of our Facebook friends Cory. Ordinarily this isn’t our thing. We tend to ignore most RV resorts because they have weird rules that make us cringe. One of those is the “No Dangerous Breeds” restrictions. Our dogs are generally on that list of “dangerous breeds.” Most of those places tout it as “because of insurance…” but that’s hogwash. Lo Lo Mai allows all dogs, as long as they are friendly and do not bark. Now that’s a sane dog policy.


This was low enough that I was a tad nervous about putting Backseat Betty past this.

We got there early enough to actually see where we were going to park. Actually this is one of the neat things about Lo Lo Mai. We had reserved a spot, but didn’t get a specific number. We thought that was strange, until we got there. They drove us around the camp grounds to see all of the open spots. It gave us an opportunity to really get to know where we were going to be. Besides, there are more than a few spots that we likely would not have fit very well. Or we might have had to trim a few branches to get past. That isn’t exactly ideal. They carted us around quickly showing us a number of great sites. Of course after you find your perfect spot, you still want to look around in case anything looks more appealing to you. We didn’t see any.

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They really live up to their slogan of being an oasis from time and the desert. The campsites are simply splendid. They really put the effort into making a place where people could enjoy themselves as if they weren’t anywhere near the desert. Despite being not too far from Dead Horse Ranch state park, the two couldn’t be further from each other if you tried. The campground is right on Oak Creek with a swimming area. And they have a duck pond(which while we were there had no ducks, but plenty of dragonflies) if you want to lay back and just stare at a pond all day.

20140913_114347 20140913_114541 20140913_150408 20140913_150416 20140913_151626 20140913_152307 20140913_153404

The only issue I had with Lo Lo Mai was the cost per night. Admittedly I’ve been spoiled by relatively inexpensive campgrounds, so the cost of fifty-five a night was kind of a sticker shock moment. From what I’m reading though I should count my blessings to only be paying fifty-five a night.  By no means am I saying that Lo Lo Mai isn’t worth the cost. It is definitely worth it. But coming from free camping the prior trip to the most expensive campground we’ve hit, just caught me off guard. But it’s close enough that I made up for the night cost in saved fuel. Seriously, I spent less than half the cost in fuel as most of the other sites we hit. Another advantage was that we never had to leave to keep occupied. You could enjoy your whole weekend there without driving anywhere else. Unless like me you forgot your heartburn medication… Then you have to drive to the store to get it. Though they do have a store there as well for some things.

20140913_200557_LLSWhile relaxing in the hot tub one of the regulars informed us that they were feeding the skunks and raccoons. I had seen a couple around the camp grounds, but didn’t really think anything of them. Generally I try to give skunks a very wide berth. They always get the right of way in my book. I tend to avoid them and for the most part they stay away from me. But these guys are a bit more tame. We watched as they fed them and the little buggers came out and then I went back into the hot tub where we chit chatted with a few of the regulars, and played with kids…

We only stayed two nights, and sadly the time went by too quickly at Lo Lo Mai.

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