Ming-us the Merciless

20141011_17150820141011_100158We decided against leaving on Friday night because the roads can be a bit difficult to get the 5th wheel around as you get closer to Mingus Mountain. Well I could have easily made it, but the better half would have left claw marks on the arm rests. Though it may have been fun to see if we really could get diamonds from coal. Taking the road up through Jerome was not an option, even though Google Maps was yelling at me to take that way. If you ever go to Jerome, go up the mountain without a trailer and you’ll understand. There’s portions that are just wide enough for two vehicles.But the view from up here is just wonderful.

20141011_171605The dirt road up to the campground had apparently not been graded in some time. It felt like some of the black diamond off road trails I had been on up in Teluride. This is one of the perils of coming late in the season like this. They actually close the camp ground at the end of October. When we opened up the RV after it was finally in position, it was a horrible mess. It took us at least an hour to get the RV back in a somewhat normal shape. Then we made our camp site our home. We decided after all the work that went into restoring our RV to normal that it would probably be a good idea to get some bungies to keep it together. Looking at our stock of bungies, it was obvious that we needed more. So we headed to the local Walmart to grab some. While we were out we had to take care of another more personal matter.

SteveI haven’t mentioned it in the blog, because I wanted to keep this blog upbeat, but I suppose we can be upbeat about dealing with a tragedy. A couple months back we lost a very close friend to a heart attack. It happened so suddenly we didn’t even realize it happened until the next morning. He was my girlfriend’s ex, but remained her friend, and became my friend. He wanted to go camping with us, and we had even begun planning a trip with him the night he passed. Literally hours before he passed. So now we bring him with us. His family felt it was best to let everyone have some of his ashes to spread where he would have liked them. We had one place we felt he would have loved his ashes spread.


In Jerome, AZ there is the House of Joy. In its heyday, it was a brothel. But now it’s a gift shop. He loved Jerome, and this location typified the Jerome experience. So we spread some of his ashes here.

20141011_145336 20141011_151755 20141011_151528 20141011_145343 20141011_145001-2 20141011_145022

We finished out our trip through Jerome and wandered around aimlessly. We got us a couple Cokes, and some caramel kettle corn to tide us over. We were starving, from not making lunch, or breakfast and the time getting on to about 5 it was time to head back to camp. My sweetie got a few good shots of the drive up.

20141011_151903 20141011_162429 20141011_165025 20141011_165102 20141011_165113

While I made dinner, the better half wandered around gathering pictures. I joined her for a few because the barbecue was simply taking too long. I tried waiting. I’m just less than patient when I ‘m hungry. I know, I know. I’m unique like that. It was slightly after dinner that I realized that somehow the RV had gained a “hot skin” condition where the outside of the RV became electrified. I have to admit, I was slightly unhappy to have discovered it with my arms. There’s something about being electrocuted that tends to make me a somewhat unhappy camper. Unfortunately there isn’t much I can do out here, so it’s best to just kill power.

20141011_171841  20141011_173457   20141012_102553 20141012_103449

Of course the ribs I made were good, but not great. I had to finish them in the oven, because apparently fire was not my friend that day. I did get to play with the dog while trying to wait for the ribs to cook. And then he was worn out. I ran out of patience for the meat to cook and shoved it in the oven to finish. In hind sight it’s probably why the ribs didn’t taste right, but dangit I was hungry.

20141011_171208 20141011_174429 20141011_181854 20141011_181912

The next morning after breakfast I started getting things straightened out for packing up and heading home. It’s so difficult only having one night, and heading back. It would have been nice if we were able to stay later… What’s that? My wonderful woman paid for an extra day. Right… Well then… Um… Groovy.

We walked over to the lake. It’s freshly stocked regularly. And this was pretty evident as people were pulling fish out left and right. I’d had a lovely incident where the tip of my fishing pole was broken off. And the worms we saw from our last trip would have been quite useful. But no, we didn’t save them and bring them… Truth be told they would likely have found their way into a rose garden we know about anyway.

20141012_111101  20141012_111252 20141012_112957  20141012_113133-1 20141012_110314

More images from the trip here

It was a longer hike than I thought, and by the time we got back it was pretty well time for us to get everything ready to go home.

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