Just past Nothing is Burro Creek Campground.

If there’s one creature in this world I would be happy if it disappeared it would be the mosquito. See! You just instinctively got an itch thinking about them. It’s one of the hazards of camping near water that isn’t flowing freely. And Burro Creek Campground was next to a creek that was not flowing enough to keep them from hatching. We passed Nothing to get here and we sit getting eaten alive. The flies were annoying, and I started using the electric bug zapper flyswatter to take them out… Didn’t work well, so I went back to just smashing them with my hands.


Wonder where them skeeters were comin from?

20141025_151842Our first day was a tad miserable. The inside of the trailer had brought Phoenix heat with it. So while Burro Creek was actually okay, the inside of the trailer was too hot, and because there were no services, we couldn’t run the AC to cool it down(and we have no generator)… Which made us sit outside… Which made us a target of the mosquitoes. The campground itself was actually quite nice. And we got to chat with the camp host whose boobs were trying desperately to escape her shirt the entire time we were talking. As she shuffled them about my love and I tossed each other quick Can-You-Believe-This  glances. She loved our pooch, and was a really great person, so don’t confuse the humor over the boob liberation issue for disliking or disrespecting her.

We were only there for Saturday and Sunday. I don’t really feel that we missed too much only being there for the one night. We wandered about the campground, and got to check out the scenery. It’s the Arizona desert though, so it kind of has the typical desert feel to it. The view is great from the camp sites, and it’s nestled in the middle of a canyon. From some sites you can even see the creek. This would probably be a better place to camp when it gets cooler out.

20141025_151917 20141025_151923 20141025_152408 20141025_152413 20141025_152733 20141025_153738

And while we only saw ravens, and heard bats(my personal favorite animal there as they ate skeeters), there were a lot of other animals out there.

20141025_173548 20141026_101220 20141026_101226 20141026_101338 20141026_101853 20141026_101957 20141026_102000

That night, we relaxed around the fire, made smoothies and later pina colladas. I made “not terrible” salmon, and we ate. By late evening the inside of the trailer had begun to cool significantly. We played a few rounds of a racing card game that is probably better with more people. It’s a French card game that my wonderful woman introduced me to.

We headed off to bed, while the trailer was still kind of warm. I knew it would get cooler with all the windows open. The better half threatened not to use the covers at all, and I jokingly said I wouldn’t let her have any. We were both wrong. It was pretty dang cold, and the next morning we found ourselves bundled up close together and the dog acting as a self moving heater for me. This is why you bring dogs when it’s cold haha.

On Sunday we got up, made breakfast, and wandered about the campground again. This time it was pretty well barren. It was just us and the camp host. She rode her cart over to us, and her friend/relative/person? driving the cart with her seemed as though she had seen a few miles and possibly flipped the odometer. Later on when we left, we saw her husband, and scratched our heads trying to figure out the relationship of all three of them. He was a really good looking guy, and they were a bit worn. But hey, if there’s love, who cares, right. Heck my sweetie loves me even though I’m a tad rough around the edges(80 grit kind of rough).

We packed up and headed home where I learned that my landing legs had bound up and it wasn’t dropping the legs properly. I’ll admit, I was less than happy. By this time I have said pretty much every curse word out there, so in order to keep things fresh I have started inventing swear words. Puffmonkey and snoofchucker are now part of my swearing repertoire.

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