20141124_123947So lets face it, I still have a little kid in me that likes aliens and sci-fi. And if you are interested in aliens at all, Roswell ranks pretty high up on the places you want to visit. Or so I thought. We drove from the campground to the UFO museum. And the drive was about the best part of it. No, it wasn’t that exciting of a drive.

20141124_124645What we found in the UFO “Museum” was a bunch of reading… Not that reading is bad, but if I wanted to just read about it, there’s the internet. No interactive displays. There were a few nice articles, but the majority was not much better than just googling “Roswell” and picking through articles. Actually, you’d probably be happier with the information and videos presented to you through youtube videos than paying for the UFO Museum tour. In fact, try this one

20141124_131821Our trip out wasn’t a total loss. We did get to use their restrooms inside. And honestly if I hadn’t gone to the UFO Museum, I probably would have been upset that I didn’t do it. So despite what I say about it not really being worth the trip, you’ll want to go anyway to say for yourself that it wasn’t worth it. Maybe if you make a plan to visit the Art Center, and swing through this place after, but I wouldn’t head back there intentionally to see the museum. Maybe if you have small kids…

20141124_151927Thoroughly disappointed and feeling a little deflated, we started heading back to the RV for the night. It was still kind of early, and the better half, Aida suggested the Living Desert Zoo in Carlsbad. “Meh, why not?” I said. After the sad display of Roswell, I couldn’t be let down too much. Turns out it was a great idea. I enjoyed the Living Desert zoo a great deal. I even enjoyed reading about the many native plants in the area and what people can use the native plants for. I know it seems odd to praise the reading here and not praise the reading at the UFO Museum, but this actually had stuff to see along with the reading. Not to mention it was a fun side deal to the animals where there were some very nice views of real animals.
20141124_152416  20141124_154136 20141124_162114

More pictures from the Living Desert Zoo here

The next day was time to change sites, We had actually originally planned for an extra day here, but we wanted to check out a couple of things that would be too far away to justify visiting by themselves. So that night we rested up, and played a game of Monopoly where my wonderful woman thoroughly beat me up.

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2 Responses to Roswell

  1. Aida says:

    Um, I don’t think I would recommend Roswell to kids either do you think they are going to sit down and read lol.

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