Gila Hot Springs

20141128_083719We left the camp site and headed out to Gila Hot Springs Ranch which was our original destination before we added the Bosque del Apache visit.  Again, we arrived in the dark, but fortunately the spaces are all pull through so it’s pretty easy to do. Pull in , unhitch, level, Done… until the next day when you have to pay up. When we did pay, we got access to the hot tub at the camp site. It was really odd when we pulled in, there was a dog just wandering about, and there were horses strolling through the camp ground. This was not really late at night(a tad past sundown… so like noon), so it was kind of odd to see horses just plodding around munching. Keep that in mind if you ever visit and it gets late. The horses can easily be in the road. The drive in is actually quite beautiful. So it can easily be a distraction.

20141128_125057We woke up the next morning to pay for our spot, and unfortunately the store was closed. It was rather chilly, and apparently cold enough to freeze the water hose I had attached. Though not cold enough to freeze the water lines in the trailer. Of course I made sure of such by running the heater, and this kept the inside lines from freezing. 20141128_125739If only I had water in the tank I could have actually showered that morning. But I didn’t. So I pulled the hose and tossed it in the sun so it would thaw. Welp… lesson learned. Don’t leave the water on and the hose attached. The whole town is owned by one family, so we found out, and once we could pay, we decided to walk around a bit. We took a small hike down to the creek. We passed the corral where they kept the horses, while on our way. Supposedly they have horse tours and such, so if you want to ride a horse, that’s your opportunity.

20141128_130439Past the creek is the campground that does not have power. It’s closest to the hot springs, and has what I think is a really nice setting. During the summer months this place is likely packed to the gills. I’d suggest making reservations. Be advised, if you intend to bring kids, the third hot spring pool is clothing optional after dark. And actually during the off season, it seemed to be clothing optional at all times. So if you’re squeamish about nekkid folks, you just might want to stay on the other side. There’s plenty of campground. I would love to see it when the trees have leaves on them. That isn’t to say that it doesn’t look spectacular even with no leaves. I’m just saying I’d love to see it when there are leaves.

20141130_091653It’s rather an interesting thing about the store. It opens up at about ten AM and everyone from the area stops in and has breakfast and coffee. Afterwards, everyone disperses, and it’s a ghost town again. It was a kind of fun thing to see. When we got back to the Gila Hot Springs Ranch (the RV park), we decided to check out the hot tub and bathroom. The floors are heated which is great. Take your shower, get out and have your feet stay warm. That is just awesome in wintertime. On the floor of the bathroom a gecko was enjoying the heated floors. Can’t say I blamed him. I sure was.

After our morning showers, we had to take a drive to take care of a few things, and decided that Silver City was the place we were going to take care of them in. I wanted to see the road my GPS wanted me to take that they recommended I didn’t. I’m not going to say it was treacherous, but boy am I glad I didn’t trust technology. The road is very narrow, and the turns are really tight along the NM 15. It’s not all bad though. The sights along the way were beautiful

More of Gila Hot Springs

More of the drive

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