Red Rocks of Sedona

20141206_160308Ask anyone in Arizona and you’ll usually at some point be told that a place you should see is Sedona. Last time I was there was when I was working, and only visited long enough to drop things in place, then bug out. I was behind schedule, and had too much to do to look around. There was some real joy when I heard about some very lovely free camping out by Sedona. We pulled in and set up camp pretty easily. I stumbled and fumbled with pulling in and somehow snagged a brake wire. No biggie, very easy fix.

20141206_173021This was the first time I really got to see Sedona. And I was not in the least disappointed. Our camp site overlooked the mountains of Sedona. The colors are simply amazing. It’s like something you would expect in a movie. Part of me kept waiting to hear “Cut” and see the set fall away. There was something that seemed too unreal to exist in real life. And yet there it was in full view. This was why people would always say to camp near Sedona. We could see Boynton mountain from our spot.
20141206_160201 20141206_163109 20141206_164334 20141206_153500

We enjoyed our night there, and then the next day we drove around to check out the other free camping spots in the area. But during the night the coyotes were close enough that I would seriously not recommend you leave your dog unattended at night. Even while attached to a tether. There’s always a risk. Of course if you have a small dog, you would probably want to make sure you are with them at all times anyway, because there are other animals that might try to run off with them.

At any rate, we did check out a few more locations around the area which while they had lovely views, simply didn’t touch our view. That isn’t to say they weren’t lovely. Quite the opposite. That was to say how lovely our site was. Unfortunately we were only able to stay a couple nights. Darn that whole needing to pay bills thing…

20141207_134551 20141207_135018 20141207_135151 20141207_134344

More pics of the Sedona trip here

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