Pointy Christmas


20141228_115626Christmas this year we spent at my better half’s stepfather’s brother’s house. And Christmas turned into Christmas with the Addams Family. It seemed everyone got at least one pointy gift. Some form of weapon that would likely injure or maim someone. All the men got axes and machetes and the women got knives for the kitchen(honestly since I enjoy cooking, I do like a good knife set too). The family enjoyed the time together and after a fun day we figured we’d get everything ready to go for the day after. We headed out to Alamo Lake that Friday.

20141227_123310We grabbed one of our dogs and headed out on Friday. Alamo Lake State Park is a nice destination for a weekend. There are burros in the area that come out at night, so drive carefully when you enter at night. There are several camping spots and there are some tenter only spots if you don’t want to bring an RV. My sweetie and I have been here before. But this was the first time I blogged about it. Last time we went down to the shore and fished… and caught exactly the same thing we caught this time. We didn’t fish this time. That isn’t to say that the fishing is bad here. No, I’m just that bad at it. To be honest, I’m more of a saltwater fisherman. I just can’t seem to catch much while fishing freshwater.

20141227_150052We opted for the state park, but there are some BLM areas nearby. Some of them are really neat. We found one that had the slab and what looked like the remains of a fireplace. That area seemed like it would be a great place to have a get together with a few RVing buddies and hang out. There are many areas over in that area that are free for up to 14 days. It probably wouldn’t be a great idea to be there during the summer months, as this is desert camping, but it is pretty well perfect right now. Maybe a little heater to keep you warm, or, you could grab a dog to curl up on you. Either way, it’s great to camp there because the ambiance is the Arizona desert you may or may not know.

20141228_114630On the first night we heard the burros braying, and coyotes were yipping away. Our little Chevy was pretty well ready to break down the door to get to them. Which is an important thing to remember if you happen to camp a lot with dogs. Coyotes are pretty crafty. When I had a farm we had to watch our dogs, as the coyotes would have puppies playing near the edge of the woods. Your dog would go to play with the puppies, and the pack would come out of the woods and kill your dog. After understanding coyotes a little better, I stopped feeling sorry for Wile E Coyote and sided more with the Roadrunner(Yes, I felt sorry for Wile E).

20141227_123148While we were there we noticed someone flying a glider. I was pretty impressed with how long he was able to keep the thing in the air. Until he landed it and I realized it had a propeller. Then I felt kinda silly. For some reason we didn’t take advantage of the lake, nor did we really take a lot of pictures while we were there. Oddly enough this was the park my lovely woman placed near the top of her favorite parks lists… For me it’s pretty far down the list. Not saying it’s bad, not by a long ways. It’s just the little differences we share. She likes how this park is more desert like. It makes sense. But I’ll let you decide from the pictures.

20141228_141038The beauty of a place so close to home is that even with all the driving around we did, I was still able to make it out there, drive around, and still make it most of the way back without having to fill up. And even with fuel prices falling, diesel was still pretty high up there.

The rest of the pictures here

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2 Responses to Pointy Christmas

  1. Jolene/Iowa says:

    Looks like a great place!

  2. Aida says:

    The main reason I like it is it’s quiet, less kids running around, spacing is good and it’s truly in the middle of nowhere. I have yet to see a dang burro!

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