Ringing in the New Year


20150101_135955New Years eve we spent at home. We wanted to see our friend perform, but we were silly and didn’t get tickets ahead of time. Though I don’t feel cheated, because we got to meet Miss Theresa face to face without the crowds. This New Year’s Day brought a very rare sight to the Phoenix area. Snow! That’s right, the Phoenix Valley got snow on New Years eve and it was still around on New Years Day. Anyone living in the colder parts of the country are likely saying, “Pfff! That’s not snow. That’s just a dusting. I clear more than that off my car just to go to work each day.” And you’re right. But this is the Arizona desert. This was a big deal to us. And it would only be around for the day. So we took a drive out to the Superstition Mountains out by the Lost Dutchman state park.

20150101_132651Unlike other posts, we weren’t camping at this time. We simply drove over to the mountains We had to pay to get in, and I was fine with it. I mean how often would I get the opportunity to see the desert covered in snow. After parking and starting our hike, we moved quickly up the mountain as if the snow would disappear before we got close enough to touch it. It’s not too far off the mark, as the temperature was well above freezing. The ground was damp with the water from the snow that had already melted.

20150101_135218The hike up the mountain is actually pretty easy. Even my out of shape butt managed to make it up. I suppose it being rather chilly out also helped. Funny how that works out. You get cold, and you want to move a bit more. Of course being out of shape, by the time I got to the top of the trail I was thoroughly warmed up.By the next day, nearly every bit of this snow would be gone with exception to any large snowballs that were conspicuously placed near the trail with sticks and stones… No, I wasn’t the artist. But I wish I had been. There wasn’t a lot of snow left, but there was enough to make a couple of good snowballs if you carefully avoided accidentally grabbing a jumping cholla cactus. My sweetie got a couple good ones, and she began making plans to fill my pants with snow. And I would have deserved it.

20150101_140029Because this is such a rare event, we decided to drive to see more of Arizona covered in snow. I mean how often do you get to see a saguaro with snow on it. And since Aida had to work on Friday, we couldn’t actually stay out for the whole weekend. It would have been nice, but hey, she has so many vacation days she could go a large chunk of the year without working if she wished. She just had to work the day after new years this year because the last time she had it off. With us not doing anything exciting on New Years Eve like… you know… the rest of the world, and staying in to play Risk all night, we had to at least enjoy New Years day on the road.



Just a bit of a tight turn

We headed North on SR88(N Apache Trail) all the way out to Roosevelt lake. If you’re sitting there thinking “would this be a good way to go in my RV?” the answer is a flat out “No.” This road curves and twists to the point that just driving it in a pickup truck can be a bit hairy at times. Granted my truck has the turn radius of the Spruce Goose, but still there are spots that I had to pull off the road to let someone pass the other way. I would hate to have to try that with an RV or even with our 5th wheel on the back.

Amazingly along the way we saw that Canyon Lake was apparently full. It was good to see it like that. While we’ve had a lot of rain lately, not always does that translate to filling our lakes. Interestingly enough Apache Lake was low. And Roosevelt was really low. Roosevelt was so low they created a new free camping area where there used to be a boat dock. After a few more pictures we headed back home by way of the 87.
20150101_170755-1 20150101_171546 20150101_171824 20150101_172328-1

See the rest of the photos here

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