Parker right there

20150103_131515On Friday I had the truck ready to go by the time my better half was able to leave work. Our original plan was to find some place in Quartzite, AZ to boondock, but our water pump was starting to fail, so it was off to a state campground for us. Plus we hadn’t really gone around the area to see where we would be best to camp.

We passed through Quartzite and headed north to Parker, AZ. Our first attempt was at La Paz County Park. But we just couldn’t see squeezing in there with as full as it was. The next place we pulled in was Buckskin Mountain State Park. And we pulled in none too soon, as it was getting close to the ten o clock gate time. I don’t know if they closed the gates, but having been locked out one time because we left a bit too late, I wasn’t taking the chance.

20150103_131417-1We drove around in the dark a couple times, and didn’t see any spots we liked. Then we drove around again and found a spot that looked pretty good. So we pulled in and got all set up. Once again, in the dark. The next morning we were informed that the site we chose was not going to be open the next evening, so we would have to move. Rats. But since everyone was leaving that left quite a lot of spots open for us. We settled in to the new spot. Chosen because there were a ton of coots wandering about. The better half looked around while I finished up leveling and adjusting the RV. Buckskin is a very lovely campground. Too bad our stay was only one more night.

20150104_171218-1We wanted to head down to Quartzite to see the other camping areas we passed up on. I was rather pleased with the boondocking options available there. Our next trip out there we will be better informed and likely be able to find a good spot. We checked out a few of the shops that were open. And we gathered a couple rather nice rocks that would polish up nice for her. We also picked up a few LED lights to replace the fluorescent lights in the RV. After driving around a bit looking at several of the other sites, the sun shrank behind the mountains and we couldn’t see the other sites. It didn’t stop us from trying, but it simply got too dark to tell what we were looking at.

We returned to the RV had dinner and enjoyed the night together. The next morning we wanted to head back to Quartzite to check out a few more shops. I quickly offloaded the trailer and didn’t even bother leveling it. I figured we’re going to be loading it up for the return trip anyway, may as well have it ready. We checked out the gem and mineral show that we were looking for the previous day. We got to see some very creative wrapping of stones. And my love did pick up a few little interesting items there.



We really didn’t get a whole lot of pictures on the New Years weekend trip. But what we did get is here

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