Why we don’t have flying cars

Sorry folks, this is just for the heck of it. We haven’t been out camping for a while, so I wanted to post something… I’m going with randomness. I really want to get back out camping so I have something to post about.

Flying Cars:
Every year that goes by someone invariably mentions “We should have flying cars by now. Why don’t we have flying cars?” I’m a huge sci fi fan, and would love to have had my flying cars. The reality is I will probably never see them. But years ago, I lambasted an engineer for us not having them.

“It’s 2005,” I said, “You engineers were supposed to have given us cities on the moon, flying cars, a martian colony, interstellar travel, and a whole bunch of other stuff. What happened?”

Without missing a beat he replied, “Some knucklehead computer guy invented the internet. We’ve been distracted by cat pictures and stupid videos ever since.”

Touche’ engineer.

Sadly it’s probably less due to distracted engineers, and more regulations and liability issues… Still, he got me…

Another visit from a really good friend:
Miss Theresa was back in town, fresh from her trip to Vegas. It was great catching up with her again. She made us her No-Bake cookies, which will make her quite welcome to stop by anytime she wants. She was in town to see some friends of hers perform, and also to see about some other prospects. I hope she gets them, and we get more no-bake cookies hehe. Kidding aside, It’s awesome to see her really getting out there and traveling. We checked out her rig, and found several water leaks as we tried to make sure she could have hot water. My guess is that the people she bought her rig from did not properly winterize it at least one time. I’ll be wishing her good fortune and safe travels. A part of me envies her being able to get out on the road and live free. The other part of me is happy to have a steady paycheck. Should that part of me ever be beaten to a pulp by the part that wants to live on the road, I’ll be sure to let you guys know. For now, my bills are happy that I have a steady job.

Why the heck aren’t you camping?
As we’re waiting on our RV which is in the shop, we are kind of stuck. We can’t go anywhere, because Betty is out of commission. We had hoped to get her back, but unfortunately, no luck. When we get her back though, we’ll have new axles, brakes, and instead of the nearly impossible to find dexter wheels we’ll have easier to get 6 lug wheels. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not exactly expecting to have to replace the wheel again, though I never really do expect to need to replace the wheel, next time it should be easier to find. Maybe next time we’ll be able to replace the tire rather than the whole wheel. We seem to not get flat tires, and instead lose wheels… The last time one of the wheels ate the spindle… again. Well on the plus side, now all the wheels and hubs are fresh, and properly lubed. When we do get out again(which is hopefully soon) we’ll also have flipped axles so the rear isn’t squatting so bad. I was very nervous about the rear dragging.

Well here’s to hoping we get back to camping soon so I can bore you guys with babbling about our adventures instead of our non-adventures…

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2 Responses to Why we don’t have flying cars

  1. Aida says:

    Really Thomas? Sound I take you to Roswell and drop you off?

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