Not so remote remoteness.

Interestingly the next place we went wasn’t much farther than our shakedown cruise. But they were completely different types of camp sites. I really hadn’t thought of Buckeye as any kind of destination. I normally think of it as “Cool, I can top off my tank while I figure out how we’re gonna get there.” But after this trip, I can’t help but think of it as one of the nicer destinations we’ve had boondocking. The site was pretty level. And it had an awesome view. It didn’t hurt that the desert was in bloom.

Plenty of Quartz here.

It was a short easy trip that started by hitting I10 going West. I started thinking, Man, I should get a soda. and we were already at the exit. We headed south on the road and came across the entrance to the Buckeye Regional Park. When heading here, you’ll know you are on the right path when you see the shooting range. On the dirt road there were several people camped out at the many picnic tables. We kept looking. And there were a couple pathways where people had pulled off. But we wanted to look at the rest of the roads. Everything was too close to a road, or too close to another RVer.

We pulled down a side offshoot, and I found a spot that worked. My sweetheart quickly informed me that there was a much better spot a little further along. And it was. Though there were a couple tight turns that challenged me to squeeze through, the site was worth a couple plants brushing the sides of the 5th wheel. Though it was odd hearing the random fire from the range, there isn’t any danger.

A peaceful sunset.

I have to admit, when nothing goes wrong, it’s much harder for me to write the blog. Our first night it rained a good bit, no leaks. The wind whipped around, but nothing took off. I added in the new antenna, so I could finally strap in the new radio. We enjoyed the fire for a while, and had a relatively uneventful evening. It was nice. It seems that after all the time and effort put into getting Betty in shape, she was finally usable without something breaking. Instead of whining about something that broke I could just enjoy the scenery. And that is why we got the RV in the first place.

Cactus flowers just opening

We were fortunate that the desert was in bloom this time of year. The flowers were freshly opening up. The hummingbirds were scooting around. One came up to my sweetheart who was still trying to get her phone set up, and she almost missed it. Though it was too quick for her to get her camera on it. Seeing the desert in bloom is truly awe inspiring. The contrast of wasteland and the colors of life bring to mind the hopefulness of a world renewed. Life proving that even in the harshest of places it will press on. It will endure. And better still, it will thrive. Here, where the rain is so infrequent that we don’t even think about it in our roadway planning, life flourishes and dares the world to do it’s worst. And it laughs at the attempt.

Since I was not frustrated by needing to repair something that broke this trip, We decided(“we” meaning my lovely woman) to replace the trim on the RV. It took only about an hour or so, but it was fairly easy to do. But we came up slightly short in only being able to get all but one side of the RV trim replaced. So she ordered more to finish the job. Someday, later.

With nothing to frustrate me this trip we decided to bring out the kite. There was a nice steady breeze, and… where did it go… What the… IT WAS JUST BLOWING. There it is. There was a nice steady… Oh COME ON! Never mind, let me just put the kite away… Breeze… nope. I’m done. Finally the wind kicked up and we were able to fly the kite for the first time since we bought it.

One of the great things about boondocking is that we get most of the day we’re leaving as opposed to having to pack up by noon. This afforded us the opportunity to have dinner at the camp site. While I cooked, my sweetheart picked up the trash from around the camp site. We try to leave a site without anything man made aside from our tire tracks. And maybe the ashes from the fire.

You can see more pictures from the trip here

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3 Responses to Buckeye

  1. Ingrid says:

    Like you, I never think of Buckeye as a destination. May have to reconsider. Isn’t it nice when you’re not having to repair and you get to just enjoy the blooming desert. I love the desert this time of year 🙂

    • aztommycat says:

      It was a real surprise to me. I didn’t think of it as a destination, but so far it’s one of our favorite boondocking sites(aside from the Mongollon Rim).

      • Aida says:

        One of my favorite winter sites. Love going in and thinking this trip is not going to be so great and it blows you away. Could of stayed the week. I’m itching to check out that wildlife preserve next door. Oh, well wait till winter again.

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