On a mountain with a view

Last trip we were searching for the spot with a view. We spent hours driving around searching for it until we gave up in frustration. But we had known how gorgeous it was before we headed up there and were determined to find the site again. Our last trip and the massive drive around the mountain was essentially to re-find this spot. Our confusion was understandable, because last time we took several back roads out. This time we stuck to the main roads. Out of Prescott, we found the Old Senator Highway, and from there the camp sites were a no brainer to find. We were fortunate in that the one we really wanted was not taken. It rests at the top of the road with a view of the canyon below.

For the first time in forever(hah! now you’re singin it) we decided to bring two of our pups. Poor Scarlett never gets to come out with us. But we brought her and our little Chevy. She gets the short end of the stick for camping trips because she has no problems with hanging out at home with both of the other dogs. She is also the most adventurous one of the three in that she used to be a free roaming dog. She learned to survive in the wild, and we got her from the pound. Which means she can also be a bit un-nerved on long trips though.

Our first day we got all settled in and relaxed. The dogs ran around on their tethers and chased after the lizards that were just out of reach. I swear the things knew exactly where the tie out would let the dogs go. The poor dogs would try to get the lizard, and get hung up on their tether. It was amusing to watch. Chevy has an absolute hatred of tiny moving things. Grasshoppers and lizards top his list of things he wants to utterly destroy. Scarlett, on the other hand is only interested in them if she sees Chevy interested in them, and proceeds to egg him on. I think this is what goes on in their brains, but then again, maybe she is the instigator, and Chevy is an unwitting pawn toiling endlessly to please his… Sorry, that’s probably a little too much of a peek behind the scenes of what my mind comes up with… And we watched as the sun drifted behind the mountains and set the sky on fire.

It was the week before Easter, and we had been told of a tasty treat of roasting Peeps. Hmmm, Marshmallow Peeps with a candied outer layer? Twist my arm. Let me just say, to whomever it was that my sweetheart heard this from, I want to hug you. Not in a weird way, just a friendly hug, you know the kind, that awkward “Hey I like you, but we really don’t know each other” kind of hug. But they were delicious when roasted. The candy outer bits become a hardened shell that holds the squishy soft marshmallowy goodness inside.

In the morning we woke up and for some silly reason we expected the dogs to behave. Normally, with either Chevy or Storm, they will sit patiently at the door for us to hook on their tether before they bound out the door. Apparently I left my brain somewhere in the closet at home and forgot that Scarlett and Chevy are used to going for a nice run around the back yard together when they wake up. The door opens for the dogs and they are off to the races. In our back yard this wouldn’t be a problem because there’s this whole concrete block wall thing that manages to somewhat effectively contain their explosion of energy. In a camp site with no fences this becomes a rather major issue, as neither I nor my sweet woman have the kind of speed necessary to keep pace with two high energy dogs running at top speed down a dirt road.

I grabbed my keys and we hopped in the truck to chase them down. Thankfully they decided to stay on the road, because there was a lot of woods for them to get lost in. We start down the road and about a quarter mile down they come running back towards us, a cloud of dust billowing behind them. They are pretty easy to corral, I simply open the door and both of them hop in, as if there was nothing weird about them bounding down a strange road. Both dogs sit in the back seat tongues hanging out and what appear to be smiles on their faces. Meanwhile my sweet and I are just thankful we don’t have to continue hunting them down.

After briefly contemplating using duct tape to secure the dogs, we figured we could head down to Watson Lake to go kayaking. We load the truck with the kayaks, life vests and some drinks to take with us. We park the dogs in the RV and take off down to the lake. We get there, and pay to get in. It’s only around $2 to get in, so it’s not likely to break the bank. We roll on down to the lake and I suddenly remember that… I left the paddles in the RV. Soooo we turn around and head back to the RV. With the adventures of chasing down the two knuckleheads and the drive to Watson Lake, by the time we got back to the RV it was pretty much time to have lunch. We threw together a quick snack and grabbed the Pringles to take with us.

Watson Lake is one of the top places to kayak, or so I’m told. I will say it’s nice to be on a lake where the whole thing is a “No Wake” zone. It’s far easier to be on the lake in a kayak without power boats zipping by you creating waves that could capsize you. That isn’t to say there’s not any challenge at all. There’s a significant amount of wind out there that made the paddling a bit rough. I wouldn’t let that stop you though. It’s not too terribly bad, and at least it wasn’t like paddling eight miles UP the Colorado River(just sayin).

When you go south you can get to the wooded area that simply put is astonishing. The birds that called this place home while we were there were like something out of a nature documentary. Great Blue Heron, mallards, red winged blackbirds, geese, and a few I have no idea what they were. I truly enjoyed paddling through the trees and under the canopy. It was like entering another world. There were trees that had fallen over that were still growing. There were passages that you could paddle through and get from one side to the other. And of course, there was the water way that had trees reaching over as if to form a natural archway that you passed under.


To me this made the rest of the lake seem boring by comparison. That isn’t to say the rest of the lake was blah, but more to say how great this little area was. While paddling through the area, we happened upon a squirrel, and it made me think of our new friend Miss Theresa, who has posted a few times on her Facebook page about the cuteness of squirrels. Soooo for her, I give you… our squirrel pic.

We managed to take in the whole lower river area, and decided to head back. I really enjoyed the whole trip, and was a little sad to have to leave that night. But work demands it, and while I enjoy my weekends, I enjoy my job as well.

The remaining pictures can be found here

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