Colcord Ridge Campground

The first spot we were going to camp at. Not bad by any means.

It was my birthday weekend, and we had decided to go to one of the places we drove to on a prior weekend. We thought about dry camping near the road, but all of the ones we wanted to try were already taken. So we took a side road and were told that all the camp sites that were open were “down that way” and that it would be best if we just parked and walked to check it out. So we took off walking down the road. about two miles down there was an open camp site, and I left my sweetheart there with the dog, and hiked my happy butt back up the mountain to get the truck. On my way back I noticed that the gate we thought was to a closed campground was just an emergency exit. I figured since I was already up there, it would be a good idea to go drive down and get my sweetie rather than make her walk up the road.

It appeared that I had misunderstood the campground host when he was talking about “down that way” he actually meant within the campground. I drove the truck and RV down to where I left her, and gathered up my sweetie and brought her up to the actual campground. We did a quick once around and found a spot. Maneuvering with a huge trailer with a bunch of trees around sounds easy, but surprisingly, the trees tend to pick the wrong spot to have been growing for years. I had to swing wider than I would have liked, and the end turn around was far sharper than I though. Fortunately for me, I was watching my mirrors, because I came within inches of ruining the trip. And earning an earful from my sweetheart. She was blissfully unaware of how close the RV came to being assaulted by that rogue tree that came out of nowhere. Well she was until just now as she reads this… I’m pretty sure I will get a death stare and an ear full once she has a chance to read this.

We set up camp and wandered about the campground a little bit and our dog got a chance to stretch her legs.. .and get to meet some campers. She was in heaven. I got to throw the stick a little with her… she destroyed said stick… She got belly rubs and pettins. And we got to be good ambassadors for the breed. All in all it was a good day. Storm loved it.

Interestingly Colcord Ridge Campground is a well cared for campground. I say interestingly, because it’s free. You can stay there for up to 14 days and not pay a dime. It’s strange to think that such a lovely campground with such an awesome view would be free. But it is. Some stay longer than the 14 days, but there are enough sites open to accommodate campers. Thank goodness, because we’re campers. It’s fairly easy to get to. You take the 260 from Payson to the Young highway. If you hit dirt road, you just passed it. It’s on the left hand side, and as I said, just before you get to the dirt road. If you are in the area, check it out. You won’t be upset.

We hung around the campground for the rest of the evening, and that night the moon was huge and bright in the sky. We learned from Facebook and the like that we were out during a super-moon. When the moon is the closest, and nice and full. It lit up the campground almost like it was day.

The next day we got out and decided to drive around a bit. We were curious about the area down below. So we drove to the other campground. I think it was Valentine Ridge campground, but I could be wrong. At any rate, it was shut down by the forest service, because a bear had decided it wanted some pic-a-nic baskets. As we were turning around I noticed a faint smell of diesel fuel. I guess I got a leak somewhere which might explain the sputtering I was experiencing. AND why my fuel mileage went to pot. But along the way we saw a few good free camping spots, so if you get kicked out of the campground because of the bear, you can go a few hundred yards down the road… Because for some reason the bear can’t walk that far…

Afterwards we decided to check out a house we were thinking of buying in the area. The drive there was pretty long and the road was slightly less than ideal. We got most of the way in and my little woman’s phone died. But despite this we did end up making it to the house, we just didn’t know it. There were some great sights along the way.

Whoops, looks like someone was too busy clinging for deal life to anything she could to take any pictures at all. Seriously I don’t blame her for not taking any pictures. It was very rough driving, not quite 4 wheelin, but very rough. Not only that, but when she opened her window the smell of diesel would waft into the cabin. So I don’t fault her for it one bit. I just wish we had gotten a few pics of the drive.

That night, was the darkest I had ever seen. It was a stark contrast to the previous night. Then while stumbling about I realized why. It was the super moon lunar eclipse that everyone was talking about. I tried to take a picture of it, but…
What I saw:

What the camera saw:

That’s just not right…

We decided to have a fire, and enjoy the rest of the night…. What better way to do that than with pina collada. 

That’s right nice big picture of an alcoholic beverage. I’m at work right now, on a Friday… guess where my mind is.

We enjoyed the night as the moon slowly reappeared, and lit up the campground again. The next morning was the day we had to head home, but fortunately since we weren’t at a pay campground we didn’t have to leave right as soon as we woke up. Good thing too, because there was this squirrel that had been eluding getting it’s picture taken by my sweetheart all weekend. Then finally she managed to snap a picture of it.

Then the ham decided it was okay to hang out and get more pictures taken.

Success haha. So we returned home, which was much easier without the long weekend traffic of before, and over the next couple weeks I found the source of my fuel leak. When I got my fuel filters replaced they forgot to replace the O ring on the fuel filter cap. It literally fell off after I started messing with it. So glad that now I’m not dumping a large quantity of fuel all over the top of the motor and onto hot exhaust… Diesel doesn’t explode(when not pressurized), but it does burn. And that would be slightly less fun. I do still need to get my DPF serviced, but that’s a tale for another day.

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